South Tour

The "little great" town of Weimar, having so many important attributes already, could also be called the green town or the city of the parks. We stroll along important places of residence, well known trees through the Park an der Ilm-commonly called Goethepark. We finish with the homes of the Goethe and Schiller.


  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Number: max. 25 participants
  • Price: 95,00 €
    (Theme binding: € 105,00 €)
  • Download: south-tour.pdf

South Tour - Town hall/ market square

The market square that wasn't even a market square

In the old days, the arena was used for tournaments and became a market square only in the 16th century.

Taking a 360° view round, we see places of interest all around i.e. the Cranach House dated 16th century, the hotel Elephant, 17th- and 20th Century, the Neptune fountain from the 18th century as well as the town hall dating back to the 19th century.  Indeed the Market square of Weimar bears witness to centuries.

South Tour - Ducal Residence

The story of the great move

1774, "castle's burning, castle's burning, fetch the engine..." and move the duke. The newly built administration building had just been finished, so the duke and his family moved in. A new residence was born.

The 360° view round lets us discover the world famous classic library, several widows palaces as well as the UNESCO listed Park on the River Ilm. Bubo calls it Goethepark.

South Tour - The bench of Pompeji

Weimar is situated at the Tyrrhenian Sea

Can you make out the Roman ruins in the meadow, down there on the left? Pompeji had not been excavated yet. Capri glows in the distance and on the right hand side just below us the hustle and bustle of Naples. You are sitting on the bench of "good thoughts" ( J.W.Goethe)

Taking a 360° view round we fall in love with Goethe's Gingko Tree, the house of Frau von Stein, the Goethe Gartenhaus and finally the ruins of the Tempelherrenhaus. Even Shakespeare waves hello from the far.

South Tour - Wieland Square

Does a donkey own his shadow?

We argue together with Christof Martin Wieland whether the shadow is included in the price of a rental donkey in Abdera. We are asked to reflect on the Enlightenment as well as Shakespeare, viewing the statue of one of the grand masters of German Classic.

Wieland's 360* view round casts over his own residence, Goethe's condominium, Coudray's gate house, the " Hansahaus" to the miniaturized copy of Santa Maria in Fiore- the cathedral of Florence.

South Tour - Goethe's historic house

Juno, the Roman queen of the gods, bids welcome through the window

Celebrities from all over Europe or simply the laughter of children – Goethe's historic house knows tales to tell.

Taking a 360° view round it is a pleasure to watch children play on a sunken giant, to wait with Friedrich Schiller for his first audience with the Geheimrat, and to taste Frankfurt's Grüne Soße at the restaurant Weißer Schwan.

South Tour - Schiller's Residence

About a diamond ring and other gems

A rebel settled down; Friedrich Schiller married the homey girl and not the beauty. He and his Charlotte built a cheerful home.

Taking a 360° view round we stroll along the Boulevard of Weimar. On our left we spot the Widow's Palais of Duchess Anna Amalia, on our right we see the former jewish Department store. Looking downwards we realize our feet are still dry – the moat has long been filled.

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  1. Town hall/ market square
  2. (via) J. S. Bach in Weimar
  3. Ducal Residence UNESCO World Heritage
  4. (via) Herzogin Anna Amalia Library UNESCO World Heritage
  5. Haus der Frau von Stein, “Goethebaum“, The bench of Pompeji
  6. (via) Goethes Gartenhaus Unesco Kulturerbe, Shakespeare in Weimar, Tempelherrenhaus
  7. (via) Liszt house
  8. Wieland Square
  9. Goethe's historic house UNESCO World Heritage
  10. Schiller's Residence UNESCO World Heritage