Middle Tour

The " little great" town of Weimar in its variety becomes accessible on this tour. We meet Goethe and Wieland, Van de Velde and Gropius. We pass by buildings representing far reaching decisions concerning education and end at the exact location where the first German Republic was born.


  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Number: max. 25 participants
  • Price: 95,00 €
    (Theme binding: € 105,00 €)
  • Download: middle-tour.pdf

Middle Tour - Town hall/ market square

The market square that wasn't even a market square

In the old days, the arena was used for tournaments and became a market square only in the 16th century.

Taking a 360° view round, we see places of interest all around i.e. the Cranach House dated 16th century, the hotel Elephant, 17th- and 20th Century, the Neptune fountain from the 18th century as well as the town hall dating back to the 19th century.  Indeed the Market square of Weimar bears witness to centuries.

Middle Tour - Goethe's historic house

Juno, the Roman queen of the gods, bids welcome through the window

Celebrities from all over Europe or simply the laughter of children – Goethe's historic house knows tales to tell.

Taking a 360° view round it is a pleasure to watch children play on a sunken giant, to wait with Friedrich Schiller for his first audience with the Geheimrat, and to taste Frankfurt's Grüne Soße at the restaurant Weißer Schwan.

Middle Tour - Wieland Square

Does a donkey own his shadow?

We argue together with Christof Martin Wieland whether the shadow is included in the price of a rental donkey in Abdera. We are asked to reflect on the Enlightenment as well as Shakespeare, viewing the statue of one of the grand masters of German Classic.

Wieland's 360* view round casts over his own residence, Goethe's condominium, Coudray's gate house, the " Hansahaus" to the miniaturized copy of Santa Maria in Fiore- the cathedral of Florence.

Middle Tour - Goethegymnasium

Girls welcome

The duchy of Saxon-Weimar-Eisenach pioneers educational policy. As early as the beginning of the 18th century, compulsory school attendance for all children was introduced.

A 360° view round shows us nothing but the architecture of the 1950th and 60th, the GDR at its finest. A little further down we recognize the Museum for Pre-and Early History. The dame of the Pleistocene bears witness to Weimar's long history.

Middle Tour - Bauhaus

Forms follows function

The motto of Bauhaus could also have been " all created things are allowed to be beautiful" Together let us discover a completely new aesthetics.

Taking a 360° view round we see the fusion of the Grand Ducal School of Arts and Crafts and the Academy of Fine Arts into the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bauhaus.

Middle Tour - Historical cemetery and prince crypt

Russia and Weimar share one border

The "little great" town in its cultural and historic complexity is to be found at this site. Anybody who was somebody rests in peace here- not only safely tucked away inside the crypt but all over the cemetery.

The 360° walk around the crypt leads along the graves of, for example the family Goethe, Charlotte von Stein, Johann Nepomuk Hummel and all the other celebrities who coined Weimar.

Middle Tour - Grand chair in front of the Bauhaus library

Lehrstuhl - leerer Stuhl

To take a seat among the geniuses of Weimar, one needs a grand chair-50000 lbs.

A 360° view round shows the library of the Bauhaus University, the former brewery established in 1875/ today home to the Institute of Creation as well as the former "Schützenhaus".

Middle Tour - Theatre – Square

The gist of the matter (Des Pudels Kern)

First the poodle exploded, then democracy was in labour for nine months and gave birth to the first German republic. Feel the magic of the location.

The 360° view round of the gentlemen Goethe and Schiller touches the Salon of Johanna Schopenhauer, Anna Amalia's round table, and the cradle designed by Peter Keler.


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  1. Town hall/ market square
  2. Goethe's historic house UNESCO World Heritage
  3. Wieland Square
  4. Goethegymnasium
  5. Bauhausuniversität UNESCO World Heritage
  6. Historical cemetery UNESCO World Heritage
  7. Library of the Bauhaus University
  8. (via) Wittumspalais UNESCO World Heritage
  9. Theatre Square